RL Accessories a concern of RL Group was established in the year 2015 with a view to provide backward linkage support to the country’s bustling export oriented garments industries. Considering the structural and item wise various product range and production capacity, RL Accessories is rapidly growing Accessories manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. The facilities are equipped with state of the art machinery and are backed up with a team of trained and efficient human resources. RL Accessories Started production with a firm determination to manufacture international standard quality garments accessories. From the inception, the company had a policy to popularize Garments Accessories effectively and distribution regards to the customer demands.  our focus on the development of customized new product and productivity, facilities, quality, delivery and controlling system, We are continuously increasing our client list and to meet up the requirement.



Printed Label

  1. Care Label

2. Size Label


Twill Tape



Gross Grain Tape

Cotton Ribbon

Tissue Paper

Back Board

Offset Printing Item

  1. Hangtag
  2. Price Tag
  3. Photo Board
  4. Photo Card Box
  5. Barcode Sticker
  6. Carton Sticker
  7. Arrow Sticker
  8. QC Pass Sticker
  9. Numbering Sticker
  10. Size Sticker
  11. Transparent Sticker

Sourcing Product:

Woven Label

1. Main Label

2. Size Label

3. Button

4. Leather Badge

Gum Tape

  1. Transparent Gum Tape
  2. Brown Gum Tape
  3. Paper Gum Tape

Satin Ribbon

Tag Pin

Tag Lock

Safety Pin

Plastic Staple

Mobilon Tape

Velcro Tape

Scotch Tape

Both Side Tape


Chembray Fabric

Pocketing Fabric


Tafeta Fabric



Collar Stand

Collar Bone